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Weekly Online classes to come together connect. laugh share and experience joy. 
My self styled Yoga classes use a fusion of Kundalini, Dance, Mantra, & Meditation to guide you to a place of freedom, wellness and joy.
Step into your true authenticity by accepting all that you are and experiencing peace.

Live classes twice a week via Insight Timer App

Kundalini Yoga

The Full Life Principle

Personalisd sessions with me centred around your specific needs

Are you Considering a career change? Having relationship issues? Simply feeling "off" or disconnected?
For the next 3 months, I am your supportive sister.  I provide you with a bespoke practice and meditation, this will enhance your state of being.
 These energetic techniques – from my own personal practice and knowledge – will help clear the space for you to ease through life and realise your intentions

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Yoga is a technology to be taken off of the mat and into everyday life.

Now, I share my teachings with students of all ages from pre school and beyond. I teach in schools as I feel that this development of the human consciousness is paramount for us to continue on the earth as a species. Joy & peace can be found in any small moments and that is what I have developed to share.

My goal is to share my knowledge and tips & tricks to guide children to a greater place of peace joy and self acceptance - They are perfect and they are valued and I am here to guide them to that place.



Credentials -
Kundalini Yoga Level 1 200hrs
Kundalini Yoga Level 2
Starchild Yoga 
Yoga for The Special child 
Neurobiology &  mental health  for kundalini Teachers certification

Plus Free Class


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Sian Lee - William Alvey School

'Jo delivered some wonderful yoga sessions to a group of 10-11 years olds.  Children can feel some pressure in Year 6, and as a teacher, I was amazed by how the ... session completely transformed the children’s outlook. Jo's clear instructions and friendly nature engaged all of the pupils, leaving the children in a much calmer place than at the start of the class.

The session gave instant benefits with many of the children commenting about how great they felt afterwards. I have since seen several children use some of the techniques taught to cope in different situations – a valuable tool for life.  I wouldn’t hesitate to use yoga again the classroom – thank you Jo Yoga!'

Clare G

Since the age of 7,  [my daughter ] has attended Jo's weekly classes; benefiting hugely from both the mental and physical elements of yoga.
Jo is a fantastic inspirer and role model, using her influence mindfully as she gently and expertly guides her young yogis.

Katie P
Mindfulness For Children Graduate

Your course was amazing. No, AMAZING! Your delivery was warm, engaging and open. Your content was so detailed and vast in all the tips, techniques and knowledge.  It was truly a wonderful experience. Thank you

Jenny D
Sandon School

I can’t speak highly enough of Jo and her Yoga sessions. She just gets the pupils, is so inclusive and makes every single one of us so welcome. The pupils massively benefit from the Yoga sessions and absolutely love it. I can definitely tell that they are so relaxed and calm after the session.

Bryonay M
Poplar Farm School

Our pupils love attending the sessions and always look forward to their hour of yoga with Jo. We have noticed pupils have gained a better sense of self-regulation using the tools Jo has taught them. Those pupils who present with anxiety comment on how calming the sessions are and that it ‘helps them to relax’. Jo has also adapted her sessions to cater for a child with cerebral palsy (who is wheel chair bound) and since attending, her physiotherapist has commented on the improvements in her mobility. It just shows that yoga really is for everyone.