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Yoga is not just a fancy health & fitness fad, I understand it to be a way of life and a vital lifestyle tool.
Yoga enables children to deal with transitioning through school, Playground politics, changing bodies, managing emotions and dealing with performance pressures in a way that is beneficial and healthy.

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Parent, Sandon School

When my daughter comes home after a yoga class, she comes home very happy, relaxed. She even tries to show me some of the things she loves. She definitely sleeps better that night. She doesn't get as frustrated with things as much. Not sure if it is anything to do with yoga, but definitely noticed this since yoga classes started.'

Clare G

Since the age of 7,  [my daughter ] has attended Jo's weekly classes; benefiting hugely from both the mental and physical elements of yoga.
Jo is a fantastic inspirer and role model, using her influence mindfully as she gently and expertly guides her young yogis.

rRauceby Primary School

Thank you for coming to our school and teaching us some yoga, it was a new experience for most of us. Our favourite part was the meditating because it helped us to reflect and relax. Forming a well-balanced ‘tree’ proved to be quite challenging, but still extremely enjoyable. We loved every moment of the session and it would be brilliant if you could come again to teach us all some more yoga moves. Many thanks.