Train Children in

gift children the skills to build self esteem, improve decision making and reduce anxiety.  

Get equipped with tools and techniques to be able to incorporate practices into your children's lives that teaches them mindfulness.

This course makes it easy to teach them to calm their mind, stabilize their emotional system and create a greater sense of self security.

You will learn the science of mindfulness and WHY it is so valuable.

Gain practices, tools and meditations to teach children mindfulness ages 2-18yrs.

Learn to Teach Children Mindfulness and ensure their Good Mental Health


effective tools for children with add & adhd


Different tools & activities for different aged children


The science behind mindfulness & the brain

What you will learn

This course equips you with all the tools you need to share mindfulness with children

Ready to start sharing Mindfulness with children today?

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A complimentary full Yoga Kriya for YOUR benefit to ensure that you are calm, relaxed and your heart is open to be able to share this information in an authentic and experiential way.

A fully downloadable manual to ensure you can have all the tips & tricks at your fingertips when the children are in front of you, full of inspirational meditations & mindful games + 2 full relaxation scripts.

The full course can be completed in as little as 2.5 hours with a full scientific background into the Neuro patterns of mindfulness & anxiety.

what's included

Sian Lee - William Alvey School

'Jo delivered some wonderful yoga sessions to a group of 10-11 years olds.  Children can feel some pressure in Year 6, and as a teacher, I was amazed by how the ... session completely transformed the children’s outlook. Jo's clear instructions and friendly nature engaged all of the pupils, leaving the children in a much calmer place than at the start of the class.

The session gave instant benefits with many of the children commenting about how great they felt afterwards. I have since seen several children use some of the techniques taught to cope in different situations – a valuable tool for life.  I wouldn’t hesitate to use yoga again the classroom – thank you Jo Yoga!'

Clare G

Since the age of 7,  [my daughter ] has attended Jo's weekly classes; benefiting hugely from both the mental and physical elements of yoga.
Jo is a fantastic inspirer and role model, using her influence mindfully as she gently and expertly guides her young yogis.

Katie P
Mindfulness For Children Graduate

Your course was amazing. No, AMAZING! Your delivery was warm, engaging and open. Your content was so detailed and vast in all the tips, techniques and knowledge.  It was truly a wonderful experience. Thank you

Jenny D
Sandon School

I can’t speak highly enough of Jo and her Yoga sessions. She just gets the pupils, is so inclusive and makes every single one of us so welcome. The pupils massively benefit from the Yoga sessions and absolutely love it. I can definitely tell that they are so relaxed and calm after the session.


FREE Snowdrop Meditation Script

Beautiful Visualisation for Children