Yoga in Schools

Yoga is more than a selection of movements and way of thinking, it is a comprehensive set of tools that can change a young person's life

Yoga and meditation are vital to survival in this day of 24/7 connectedness.

But much of the idea of Yoga is media based and surrounds poses.

When introduced into schools Yoga will dramatically alter levels of fitness, focus and, most importantly, happiness.

Teaching yoga to children and young adults equips them with life skills that will enable them to be self confident, self assured and peaceful.

I never thought  that Yoga would become such an intrinsic part of my NEW life - it was an organic and pleasurable journey, which has led me here today to share my knowledge with you.

My life now revolves around 5 key aspects - Freedom, Independence, Grounded Spirituality, Conscious Relationships & Beauty.

Back in 2006 I found out I was going to be a single mother - until this point I had worked as a stage manager in theatres and around the world in the travel industry

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Yoga is not just a fancy health & fitness fad, I understand it to be a way of life and a vital lifestyle tool.
Yoga enables children to deal with transitioning through school, Playground politics, changing bodies, managing emotions and dealing with performance pressures in a way that is beneficial and healthy.

Yoga in Schools

Empower, Strengthen and Prepare them to Live Life on Purpose

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This series provides your yr 6's with a fun environment in which to explore movement, breath and mindset as they prepare for a new chapter.
Using Yoga, Meditation & fun games, they are invited to share, be open about the changes and ultimately look forward to their progression.

Year 6 Transition to Secondary Series

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Learn to teach mindfulness tools and techniques to support their mental health.
This course assists you in being able to teach them to calm their mind, stabalize their emotional system and create greater sense of self security.

Train Children in Mindfulness

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Weekly Online classes to come together connect. laugh share and experience joy. 
My self styled Yoga classes use a fusion of Kundalini, Dance, Mantra, & Meditation to guide you to a place of freedom, wellness and joy.
Step into your true authenticity by accepting all that you are and experiencing peace.

Live classes twice a week via Insight Timer App

Kundalini Yoga

Yoga is a technology to be taken off of the mat and into everyday life.

Kelly McKain, Soul

I absolutely love Jo Yoga - Jo's kind and encouraging presence is very holding and I love the dufferent themes of the classes, which really build into a life-changing practie on every level - physical, mental, spiritual and emotional. Thanks Jo for sharing your light and bringing your magic to my mat!

Clare G

Since the age of 7,  [my daughter ] has attended Jo's weekly classes; benefiting hugely from both the mental and physical elements of yoga.
Jo is a fantastic inspirer and role model, using her influence mindfully as she gently and expertly guides her young yogis.

rRauceby Primary School

Thank you for coming to our school and teaching us some yoga, it was a new experience for most of us. Our favourite part was the meditating because it helped us to reflect and relax. Forming a well-balanced ‘tree’ proved to be quite challenging, but still extremely enjoyable. We loved every moment of the session and it would be brilliant if you could come again to teach us all some more yoga moves. Many thanks.


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