Life is supposed to be easy and joyous
Do you ever feel overwhelmed, struggling to keep up and just need some time for you?
The It's All Yoga Online Studio provides on demand yoga for your needs today.
With Classes ranging from 10 min meditations, 45, 60 minute classes to 6 week programs, you'll find what you need right here.

Integrate Yoga, meditation, self study & self care into your daily life with ease

It's All Yoga Online Studio



Enjoy on demand classes 24/7 for less than the proce of a gym membership.


Carry that post yoga bliss into your daily life off of the mat - discover how in an on demand program


Reconnect with yourself as often as you need, daily, weekly and on your schedule.  Only got 10 minutes - no problem.

Imagine if you could...

If you want to deepen your knowledge of Yoga & meditation

Spiritually minded friends excited to grow their inner and outer confidence

If you feel you are overwhelmed or struggling

Awesome humans who struggle to make time for themselves

who it's for

Each month you get access to a Private Meditation or Class (you get to vote).  These are posted into the library so you don't miss out is you can't make it live.

New Classes are added to the Library each and every month, using a theme to focus your practice.  You will receive notification by email of the new classes and updated catalogue - always at your disposal.

Full Access to the full Online Library of Yoga Classes, Meditations, Dace, Rituals, Relaxations, Programs.  A variety of 10, 30, 45, 60 minute programs - so how ever long you have, there is time for your self care.

what's included

Natasha C

Jo created a yoga bundle for my Tribe Membership site, which focuses on changing females mindset’s.
I asked Jo because I had seen some of her work and loved it. It was so much more than just yoga. 
Her energy is infectious and shines through the screen.
If you are thinking of working with Jo - think no further she is incredible and it will be an incredible investment.

Clare G

Since the age of 7,  [my daughter ] has attended Jo's weekly classes; benefiting hugely from both the mental and physical elements of yoga.
Jo is a fantastic inspirer and role model, using her influence mindfully as she gently and expertly guides her young yogis.

Katie P

Your course was amazing. No, AMAZING! Your delivery was warm, engaging and open. Your content was so detailed and vast in all the tips, techniques and knowledge.  It was truly a wonderful experience. Thank you


step one

My self styles classes use a fusion of Kundalini, Yin, Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga along with dance movement to enable you to step into your true authentic self, release old tensions and fears and live a beautiful full life.


step two

Take the difficulty out of finding peace and tranquility day to day.  Use these meditations and cultivate a daily practice to dramatically enhance your well being.


step three

Ritual and sacred practices are enlightening and beautiful - but where do you start?  Use these videos to assist you in your practice of self expression.


sTART Trial

This sounds perfect for me, I'm in!








the investment

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Weekly classes for adults.  Come together connect. laugh share and experience joy.