The Divine Goddess Yoga Program

The time is now, no waiting, you are ethereal and you are beautiful - today is the start of your new life

Empowering you to Live your life with purpose

What is a Goddess?

She is a woman who is in the process of learning to know, accept and love herself on all levels - Mind, Body & Spirit.

She pursues personal growth and self awareness and experiences life with increasing peace, love, passion and joy.

She realises her capacity to be anything she wants and is inspired to give to those around her because of her sense of gratitude and abundance. - What Evolved Women Want

Let yourself grow...

The world is a beautiful place - it needs you to be your fullest expression...

The Divine Goddess Yoga Program 
is your gateway to peace

Within this 6 week program you will

Open your Heart to your deepest desires and how to LIve them

connect to your divine feminine energy improving libido and self expression

disover how to flow with your life enabling each day to unfold gracefully

step into your truth by listening to and understanding your intuition

Develop a daily practice to empower and deepen your lifestyle

'I learnt to see myself in a different way!

After every session I felt inspired. Jo's way of teaching is beautiful'

Rachel B

Reiki healer

Learn your worth

Meet Your...

Inner Divine

6 weeks to The Ethereal enigmatic part of you

Through connection to yourself, using  Yoga & Meditation your life becomes more peaceful, grounded and productive.

Why it began


I needed grounding, calm and stability. Kundalini Yoga saved me

I never thought that Yoga would become such an intrinsic part of my NEW life - it was an organic and pleasurable journey, which has led me here today to share my knowledge with you.

My life now revolves around 5 key aspects - Freedom, Independence, Grounded Spirituality, Conscious Relationships & Beauty.

In this program I share the methods, Yoga & Meditations that I use to ensure that I live soundly and present.

These practices support me in living around my 5 key aspects and will support you too

Next Start is May 2023 

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The Divine Goddess Yoga Program
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Have questions?

When does the program start?

We start 6th March 2023. Full schedule and details of modules delivered weekly for 6 weeks. 

Who is this for? How do I know if it is for me?

Are you a spiritual woman, who, even though loves herself, feels there could be more. More joy, more peace, more sex, even more wealth? Everything is connected and when you put yourself first and care deeply for yourself and your spirituality, this has a deep profound effect on EVERYTHING & EVERYONE.  You must be deeply committed to at least 2 hours a week for the Yoga, Meditation & Training and be prepared to put the training into practice. This way you will experience deep transformations and growth.  If you are being called into a new way to experience life and yoga then I would love you to come and join me on this journey. 

Do I need to have experience of Yoga?

No. The yoga is suitable for all ability levels. With all physical practices you do need a level of movement and ability but all practices are adaptable. Kundalini Yoga is very powerful and will push you to limits. It is through these limits that we break through and create new habits. If you have any concerns about the yoga levels then email me at